SCCM 2012 R2 – No Task Sequences Available

By | September 29, 2014

Had an issue this week with our Task Sequence deployments in SCCM 2012 R2. Without any changes to the system, no devices were able to find a task sequence in WinPE – The error “There no task sequences available to this computer” appears in the task sequence manager in WinPE.

In my experience, this is common on unknown devices if unknown computer support breaks for some reason, or if there are duplicate SMBIOS ID’s. I checked a few machines, and even tried a known, working device. Checking the SMSTS log in WinPE – the client identity request was successful, and was correctly resolving the NetBIOS name of the resource. The resource was definitely getting deployments in the SCCM console. The log showed a successful policy retrieval, but no task sequences available.

I checked the database connections, and the site server was connecting to the database without errors. Management Point state was healthy. Rebooting the site server and the database server did not resolve the issue.

I tried creating some test task sequences and deploying them as available, media & pxe only, to All Systems. Still no luck. I also tried deploying a task sequence to a test collection of clients as available – to appear in Software Center – they never showed up.

I ran the following query on the database to check for bad policy assignments

this returned 2 results in my case. This means 2 resources with stuck policy requests were jamming up every other client performing a machine policy update.

This subsequent query clears these bad entries in the database

**DISCLAIMER** – running queries (especially delete ones!) on the SCCM database directly is unsupported by Microsoft, so use this information at your own risk.

After this, a restart of the Management Point was done, and the Task Sequences were once again available to clients.

As far as I can tell, there is no issue with a policy entry that has null BodyHash in the PolicyAssignment table, but if this is mapped to a resource via the ResPolicyMap table, this can cause issues with the stored procedure that is executed by a client performing a machine policy update.

After the issue was resolved, the resources that were deleted from the ResPolicyMap table were able to download policy.

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